What I am Not

Many people will only tell you who they are, I do that too in my About section, but it is also important to point out what I am not.

What I am not
What I am not

What I am not…

  • Not an investment planner
  • Not an attorney or accountant
  • Not a simple order taker; I offer choice based on your budget
  • Not married to any one company
  • Not committed to a boss or a set salary or customer service rep
  • Not a bank
  • Not shareholder controlled
  • Not a government agency
  • Not corporate controlled by a board of shareholders
  • Not subjected to GATT trade; keeping more jobs here at home
  • Not a “Trust” yet, may use my products to fund it
  • Not credit life; my mortgage life plans are priced reasonable with well-rated carriers
  • Not mindless to your interest in keeping your income in secure long term plans
  • Not new to the business, agent since 1993
  • Not too far to visit your home or business, I will travel
  • Not afraid to sell life carriers who cover the front line (Military, Police, Fire, Rescue)
  • Not afraid to offer and submit clients who may have health issues like diabetes or old age
  • Not CD or savings account representative
  • Not giving false guarantees
  • Not joking about anything above as it relates to you, your family, business, farm, and ability to provide a future for you and your loved ones
  • Not going to take more than 5 minutes of your time unless you want to learn more
  • Not hard to reach by appointment