Jeff is an Independent Insurance Agent for the following:

  • Mortgage/Home Life
  • Group Health Business/Commercial
  • Single & Group Life
  • Final Expenses

Mortgage Home & Life
Mortgage Home Life

Mortgage / Home Life

Mortgage life is a form of insurance specifically designed to protect the repayment of a mortgage. Often times this is a pivotal requirement for those who want to ensure their loved ones can keep the home or business in case of death. Life insurance can protect your family and give you peace of mind should something unfortunate happen.

Group Health Insurance

Group Health

Many companies both small and large don’t think about using an independent agent when it comes to group health. This is unfortunate as my experience has shown me so many cases where a Group Health policy I can offer can mean the difference between letting somebody go or saving jobs. It is no secret due to rising health insurance costs that these policies can be expensive. In turn, many large insurance agencies only target businesses due to the money involved. But you have options, many in fact. If you or your business would like to discuss your options and see how I may be able to save you a substantial amount of money without cutting coverage please give me a call.

Balancing Group or Single Life

Life Insurance (Group or Single)

Life insurance comes in many forms, and balancing the needs of different age groups can be challenging. When selecting a plan for a group you need to understand everybody’s needs and insurance in the worst-case scenario everybody is covered. Having written numerous policies over the year I can break down the pro’s and con’s and find the right plan. Likewise working as an individual you must understand your individual needs, what your long and short-term goals are, and balance that with the current market offerings. Being independent gives me the flexibility to shop around to match you with the right company, not the company to you.

Final Expenses Insurance

Final Expenses / Burial Cost

Often not a very comfortable subject, but very important. Losing a loved one is never easy for the family and the last thing you would want is to give somebody an extra financial burden in their time of grief. With final expenses or funeral benefit life, you can ensure all these costs will be covered when it is your time. These policies are often very inexpensive and worth having in addition to or in place of more elaborate policies.

A Note From Jeff

I want you to know I have been an agent since 1993. My products are authorized by the state and with companies of high financial stability. Generally speaking, most of the carriers are rated higher than the banks and are more solvent than stocks and 401k’s. It is also important to note that I do not represent any FDIC related products, and proud of that fact since the big bank bailout of 2008. Most of my insurance companies have been in business for decades if not over a century and have survived world events, like depressions, wars, and pandemics.

I am licensed by the state as all insurance products have been regulated this way since 1776. I am proud of what I represent and proud of my customers and proud to be an Independent Agent! I am not an accountant, attorney, or financial planner. (read more about what I am not)